Unhappily Ever After


Unhappily Ever After Costumes

Take your Halloween to a new level of horrifying with a look likely to make all your friend's blood run cold. Shocking, gory and a bit disarming, if you are looking for an unsettling look designed to scare this Halloween, "Unhappily Ever After" has a costume just for you!

A new twist to classic Fairtales! Not every fairy tale necessarily has a happy ending and sometimes the scariest, most frightful endings are the most fun for Halloween dress up. If you are looking for a character straight out of something that starts with "Once Upon A Time" except with a truly ghastly, horrific twist to it, these costumes from "Unhappily Ever After" might be exactly what you are looking for. Traditional fairy book characters have taken on the truly morbid side in this line of costumes that definitely look more dead than alive. The "Unhappily Ever After" characters include a very rancid version of Ghouldilocks, a truly scary Snow Fright, and even a Gothic Ragdoll. Nothing in the fairy tale world is ever going to be the same again.