Video Game Characters

Video Game Character Costumes

Dressing up for Halloween as your favorite video game character is a great and original way to recreate the action that used to be found only on your monitor or gaming device. Whether you choose to be something fun and whimsical like Mario and Luigi, or something more dramatic and cosmic like one of the characters from Halo, we have a huge selection of video personas designed to bring your favorite characters from video games to life.

Mario Costumes, Street Fighter Costumes, Halo 3 Costumes and World of Warcraft Costumes! Attention all you gamers and all you gamer wannabe's! Whether your platform is computer gaming or one of the numerous Video game consoles, video games have reached astronomical popularity and we know you have your favorites! The popularity of video games has made it so that the characters from well-known video games are almost as familiar as those from television shows and the movies.