Where's Waldo


Where's Waldo Costumes

A fun and novel idea for Halloween would be to dress up as Waldo himself. It might be the first time ol' Waldo is actually easy to find, but you will have fun dressing up as the wacky chap that likes to hide, anyway. Don't be surprised if your night is filled with the obvious inquiry, "Where's Waldo?"

Where's Waldo Costumes, Wenda Costumes, Kids Waldo Costumes and Where's Waldo Accessories! Where's Waldo was a series of children's books that began in 1987. Inside the pages of the books were intricate pictures of people doing all sorts of funny and crazy things. Hidden amongst all the people on the page was a solo picture of "Waldo" dressed in his infamous red and white striped shirt and big-framed glasses. Do you think it's easy to find Waldo on those pages? It's trickier than you might imagine but children have been mesmerized for hours trying to search out the cagey Waldo on the pages of this popular book series. There have been numerous and fun gatherings of throngs of people dressed up as Waldo (and nothing but Waldo) in order to set the Guinness record for the most "Waldo's" to gather in a single location. Although several attempts have been made to break it, the current record is held by a group at Rutgers University in 2009, where 1,052 "Waldo's" were present and accounted for at the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey.