Women of Service

Women of Service Costumes

Our sexy twists on traditional service uniforms are going to leave your man absolutely defenseless. From sassy Sailor girls, to a very naughty adaptation of a Policewoman who's ready to take down her criminal, all of our Ladies in Uniform are going to get you plenty of attention. Today's woman should be taken very seriously, on Halloween and every other day. Take your authority to the limit with one of these costumes that absolutely flaunts your chick-power!

Sexy Women of Service Costumes! It's not a man's world any more, baby! It's an archaic notion to think that all the public service personnel in this world are still men. Today's women are stronger, savvier and as capable as their male counterparts, and can take on even the most challenging as well as truly gutsy jobs. Celebrate your womanhood by dressing up in a Halloween costume that commemorates how far today's woman has come - and lucky is the man that can still keep up!