Zorro Costumes

Zorro wannabe's of all ages are going to find dressing up as Don Diego de la Vega easy with a huge range of costumes available to recreate this suave character. Even the family dog can dress up in his own version of this mysterious avenger in a black cape, mask and gaucho hat. Zorro is the ultimate in a seductive man. He's masked in mystery and very quick with a sword, too. Your own Zorro look for Halloween is really going to leave its mark.

Zorro Costumes and Zorro Accessories! The legendary Zorro first appeared on the scene in about 1919 as a character created by writer Johnston McCulley. The suave, agile and athletic masked swordsman has been seen in many forms of media since that day, from movies and television to various books and novels. Zorro, the Spanish word for "fox" describes the persona of this cunning outlaw that defends the common man against corrupted authority figures and other villains. Zorro is never seen without his mask and his strength in weaponry is that of a rapier, which he is clearly very skilled at using. Zorro leaves his calling card trademark when he has been present - a slashed "Z" etched into what remains (often clothing) to let all know who is responsible for what has happened.