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Halloween Door Covers

$4.59 - $5.59
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Model #:FW9342

Halloween  Themed Door Covers

The perfect accessory for your haunted house or home display.

Includes: One door cover. Each door covers measure 60" by 30". Indoor/Outdoor

5 available options to choose from:

  • Zombie Breakout Door Cover- Door cover looks as if a bunch of zombies are trying to open it wide enough to get in. Also has various graffiti-like sayings on it such as Zombies inside, Turn Back Now and Don't Open.
  • Funhouse Door Cover - Door cover with scary clown
  • Help Me Door Cover - White door cover with the words 'Help Us' written in blood lettering and bloody hand prints all around sides and bottom of item.
  • Pumpkin Vines Door Cover - A cute door cover featuring two ghosts and a smiling jack o'lantern that is sure to let every child in your neighborhood know they are welcome to get some Halloween candy.
  • Zombie Toilet Door Cover -Even zombies need to have privacy sometimes! Door cover features zombie taking care of business.