2018 Halloween Express Poll Results

The 2018 Halloween Express Poll Results Are In

Recently, Halloween Express conducted a series of polls about Halloween. We wanted to know how folks feel about some of the hottest topics surrounding our (and likely your) favorite holiday! Like most things these days, Halloween is not without controversy or public scrutiny. Thus, we took these polls to try and get inside your head a little bit, to understand how you celebrate this beloved autumnal holiday! Some of the poll results are surprising--others, not so much. Read on to see how your views on Halloween measure up with the masses!


How Old is Too-Old to Trick or Treat?

We asked: "How Old is Too Old to Trick or Treat?"

The results to this poll actually surprised us here a little bit, but it was a pleasant surprise. According to our poll, nearly 50% of you feel that there really is no age limit on trick or treating. Almost 20% of those surveyed felt that high school age was the upper limit on the beloved tradition, while 13% felt that college-aged kids should probably retire their trick or treat bags. 18% of you thought that trick or treating should end when a kid hits middle school. The overwhelming majority of you apparently feel that trick or treating should be enjoyed by kids of all ages, for as long as you want to participate.

Total Number of Poll Responses: 3,968

Our Take: While we love the fact so many folks think trick or treating should be enjoyed by anyone, any age, we do think the traditional trick-or-treating where you go door-to-door asking for candy should be limited to the younger crowd - perhaps 12 and under. Having adults involved and monitoring the process is a good thing but only the kids themselves should in our view, be collecting the candy. Of course, having everyone dressed up in costume - adults included - makes it all the more fun for everyone!



We asked: "Have Costume Standards Changed?"

Although we knew this question could drum up a bit of controversy, we sincerely wanted to know how many of you have felt that today's costume choices have changed or required moderating due to changing societal norms. To put the results into some perspective it's probably a good idea if we look at the question and the three possible answers first. Here they are:

In recent years there's been a lot of debate about Halloween costume standards. Some costume retailers have faced outrage from various groups protesting certain ethnic costumes (e.g. Native American costumes) as well as the selling of historical costumes (e.g. swastika armbands, confederate costumes) for theatrical purposes. There are groups too who protest the selling of costumes and props which in their view glorify violence (e.g. military costumes, toy gun props). What do you think?

POLL: Have Costume Standards Changed?

Answer Options (only one allowed):
[1] I'm strongly opposed to the selling of any costume or prop, theatrical or otherwise, which might be construed by anyone to be disrespectful, hateful, mean-spirited, inappropriate or offensive. If it were up to me, I'd ask the government to ban the selling of these items or at the very least restrict their sale.
[2] While I personally am not interested in any costume that may be perceived to be inappropriate or offensive to some, I think the free market should determine what sells and what doesn't. Limiting what people can and cannot purchase based on the perceptions of various special interest groups is a slippery slope.
[3] Come on folks, lighten up! These are costumes intended to be fun and entertaining. Stop being so politically correct. If you don't like the item, don't buy it, don't wear it and move on with your life. As long as the person wearing/using these costumes aren't intentionally or overtly attempting to do harm to anyone, they should be free to do as they wish.


Once again, the poll results were a little bit surprising. The vast majority of those polled (45%) agreed-- "people should lighten up" about what costumes people should wear on Halloween. Another 39% of those surveyed indicated that although they likely would not wear a controversial or potentially offensive costume, anyone who wanted to should be allowed to do so. Only 16% of those surveyed felt that all politically incorrect or potentially offensive costumes should be regulated or banned.

Total Number of Poll Responses: 2,491

Our Take: While we're comforted by the fact 84.3% of those responding felt the market should determine what sells and what doesn't, it is a little frightening (even during Halloween season) to see 16% of the folks responding actually want the government to regulate or outright ban certain items based on the perception of various special interest groups. We knew there would be some who felt this way but 16% was higher than we expected.



We asked: "Which Halloween Traditions Do You Participate In?"

This question had numerous possible answers - so the number of respondents was considerably lower - but we suspected that the Halloween standard fare would reign supreme--for example, wearing costumes and going trick or treating. The surprise came when Halloween decorating, both inside and outside, took the top two spots (12%) in our survey! The very close third spot (11%) was basically a three-way tie between dressing up in a costume, passing out candy to trick or treaters and carving a pumpkin. 9% of you go to a haunted house, 8% of you go trick or treating, and 7% of you have children that dress up in a costume. Surprisingly, only 6% of those surveyed attend a Halloween party. 4% of you Halloween revelers enjoy dressing up your pets in a Halloween costume or host your own Halloween party. 5% do something for Halloween not listed in our survey, and less than ½ of one percent of those polled in our survey do not participate in Halloween at all.

Total Number of Poll Responses: 771

Our Take: We're of course thrilled to see so many folks enjoying Halloween. We didn't expect anything less candidly. As for the less than ½ of one percent who do not participate in Halloween at all --uh, you may want to avoid these people! (just sayin')

POLL: Which Halloween Traditions Do You Participate In?


We'd like to thank all of you who participated in our polls, and we hope that you will continue to make Halloween one of the most exciting and fun holidays out there!


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