Halloween Party Games

All About Halloween Party Games

Halloween was first celebrated as a Celtic holiday known as Samhain. In Mexico, they celebrated Dia de Muertos, or Day of the Dead. Over the years, it has quickly become a time for kids and adults alike to dress up in silly or spooky costumes, pass out candy, and carve pumpkins. On October 31, people dress in their best disguise and spend time with friends to celebrate this fun fall holiday. Because Halloween has long been a way to celebrate the dead, people used to dress up in costume as ghouls and ghosts of spirits past. In the past, they'd often celebrate at loved ones' graves. Today, it has transitioned into a time where people play games, decorate, host haunted houses, and wear their wildest costumes for fun at school or at parties in each other's homes.

Children especially love this holiday because of the massive amounts of candy they can get from friends and neighbors. Dressing up and going door to door saying "trick or treat" is a fun way for children to get plenty of sweet treats. Games like bobbing for apples, pin the tail on the donkey, and pumpkin-carving contests are great ways for children to be artistic, have fun, and enjoy a little competition. Young children can also make their own costumes and decorate them however they wish. Cut-out decorations and crafts keep little hands busy while adding some originality to the seasonal decor. The key for children is to make sure they're kept busy while still having a wonderful time.

Teens also definitely love Halloween. Scary movies are a great way for teens to get together and have some Halloween fun. Local dances allow teenagers to dress up, get together, and dance the night away to fun music. A house party with some creepy themed food served up is another great idea for teens to hang out, eat to their hearts' content, and celebrate the holiday. Since it can be considered uncool to trick-or-treat at that age (and in some places, it's even illegal for teens to trick-or-treat), organizing something where they can dress up and hang out still allows them to have a great time and wear their costumes. Many schools arrange Halloween parties, or you can offer to host your teen's party at your home. Just make sure the teenagers have somewhere safe they can go to have a great night while staying out of trouble.

For adults, you're never too old to enjoy the Halloween holiday. Transform your home into a spooky haunted house and pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. If you have children of your own, you're never too old to dress up along with them and take them around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. If you'd rather have a fun adults-only time, hosting a costume contest and serving up some creepy punch with a little alcohol is a good way to have some real Halloween fun. Parties are very popular with adults during the Halloween season, so host a spooky party of your own and have a great time with some cool decor and funky food. If you are serving alcohol, make sure everyone has a designated driver or place to stay so they have a safe night.

No matter what the age, there's no doubt that the ghoulish holiday of Halloween is one made for delicious goodies, costumes, and fun. Whether you're a child who loves to carve pumpkins and go trick-or-treating, a teen who wants to wear the craziest costume, or an adult looking for a ghoulish good time, there are plenty of activities for everyone. With so many interesting ideas out there, you can create a scary or silly environment to add to the festive atmosphere. Be creative and make sure you have a howling good time this coming Halloween!