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Animal Hats

Animal Hats

For Halloween or other dress up activities, an animal style hat may be just what you are looking for to complete your dress up ensemble. We have the old stand by Coonskin Caps, of course, but you will also find some very unusual as well as hilarious choices that are going to make heads turn. Try out our Clucker Hat for a really silly chicken look, or a very furry Cat headdress that is going to make you into the purrrfect feline. A hat is the crowning glory to your costume; the right selection is going to make your dress up look absolutely unequaled!

Coonskin hats, Chicken hats, Werewolf hats and Felt hats! No one really knows for sure when the earliest man discovered that putting a piece of animal skin or fur on his head had some obvious benefits. Although not an actual hat as we would define it today, early man certainly discovered that covering one's head could certainly protect one from the heat of the sun, inclement weather and other elements, and it also might help shield one's head from any other potentially dangerous things such as falling rocks or weapon's in times of battle. When early Frontiersmen and Explorers came to North America, they obviously noted some of the rudimentary hats that were being worn by the indigenous people who lived here. Native Americans and members of various tribes used caps and hats made from small animals to keep their heads warm during the winter months, and other times various hats could be some sort of a status symbol to illustrate the position of a member of the tribe. Small animals were used to make these hats, as they were the perfect size to fit one's head once the fur was removed from the body. Sometimes the head of the animal was just left in place as a form of adornment for the front part of the cap. Foxes, skunks, and of course, raccoons, were the most commonly used animals for this type of headwear. It didn't take long for the early Frontiersmen to adopt this style of Native American hat as it served a very practical purpose especially during severely cold weather. Coonskin hats, although once serving primarily a practical purpose, have come in and out of vogue over the years. During the 1950's when television was still very new, a show recreating the adventures of Davy Crockett (and his infamous Coonskin cap) created a bit of a fad amongst boys in regard to this type of headwear and during this decade they were noted to be very popular.