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Kids Hats

Kids Hats

Some of the hat styles that your child will enjoy playing with include Pirate, Musketeer, Indian, Cowboy, Nurse, Indiana Jones and many many more. Whether you are looking to top off a Halloween costume to perfection or just to add to your child's dress up collection, our assortment of really great kids hats will give you plenty to choose from!

Pilot hats, Fireman hats, Chef hats, Harry Potter hats, Musketeer hats and Royal hats! Kids love to use their creativity and imagination by playing dress up. When you envision a child pretending to be a more grown up role, the stereotypical image is that of a little girl wearing her mother's high heels with a feather boa draped around her neck and a giant hat on top of her head. The truth is, that although many little girls do enjoy this scenario, kids of both sexes enjoy dressing up, and it's most certainly not an activity that is limited just to girls. Kids love to dress up as their favorite characters from TV and the movies. They also enjoy pretending to be more every day characters and heroes as well, such as Policemen and Firemen. Playing pretend is a favorite pastime of kids that gives them an opportunity to be creative and to really use their growing imaginations. In addition to other props, one of the most critical elements to have available for any dress up trunk is plenty of hats. Kids love hats! For dressing up or any playtime fun, you just can't have too many styles of hats available for your kids to try on and play with. With the simple addition of a hat, your child along with his imagination is instantly transformed into another character or role.