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Pirate Hats


Pirate Hats

Our selection of Pirate hats is going to give you much to choose from to complete your rendition of a swarthy Pirate. We have replicas of both Jack Sparrow's and Angelica's hats from the Pirates of the Caribbean as well as a more traditional Pirate Hat with the Jolly Roger emblazoned right on the front. Donning one of these hats is going make you look like a truly authentic scurvy dog ready to set sail or send captives out to walk the plank. Get your "ARRRR" ready for a really great Pirate adventure!

Pirates of the Caribbean Hats, Buccaneer Hats, Marauder Hats and Scallywag Hats! Get ready for a swashbuckling adventure out on the high seas! If you are looking to recreate a fun character with definite swagger and a bit of a buccaneer attitude, dressing as a Pirate is a great choice. Pirate tales are set largely in another era in days that have long gone by. It's easy to romanticize the characterizations and today's media has done a great job of just that with fabulous and rich characters such as Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series. In addition to a really great Pirate costume you may be looking for the perfect accessory to set off your Pirate ensemble. A Pirate Hat is the ultimate way to compliment your Pirate gear and is more likely than not going to be the focal point of your entire outfit. The unrefined appearance of an old Sea dog is easy to mimic and replicate with the proper headwear.