History of Christmas Traditions

The History of Christmas Traditions

Christmas is one of the most popular Christian holidays, as it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christmas celebrations generally consist of nearly two days of revelry. The celebration of Christmas often begins on the evening of December 24th (Christmas Eve) and continues throughout the entire day of December 25th each year. The weeks and months leading up to Christmas for Christians are filled with great preparation, decorating, and planning. One of the biggest holiday traditions for Christians in the United States is the decorating of the Christmas tree, while Christians around the world celebrate the holiday in many different ways.

Evergreen trees are cut down and brought into Americans' homes, where they are decorated with ornaments and colorful lights. The tradition of bringing trees indoors for Christmas celebrations, however, did not begin with Americans. In fact, the roots of the Christmas tree are usually traced back to Germany, though some argue that its roots lay in Latvia many years prior. Germans, however, are the first to have brought the trees indoors in celebration, as other accounts feature trees outdoors being the focal point of celebrations.

Today, Germans still celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees; however, not all countries that celebrate Christmas use trees. Most people in France, for instance, have never embraced the Christmas tree tradition and instead display Nativity scenes in their homes. The people of France do share some of the same traditions as those in the United States, such as Santa Claus, although they refer to him as Père Noel instead. Christians in China are not very numerous; therefore, the Christmas holiday is not very popular, although there is a small number of Chinese Christians. Christians in China decorate their homes with paper lanterns, and they also embrace the Christmas tree tradition with decorated trees they refer to as "Trees of Light." Christmas in Italy is similar to that of France, as they generally display more Nativity scenes than Christmas trees and they also refer to Santa Claus by a different name: La Befana is the name known by children in Italy for Santa Claus. Although there are some Christmas traditions that are similar in each country, the main principles are all the same. Christmas celebrations are a way to embrace the spirit of giving, peace, and love.

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