Christmas Religious

Christmas - Religious

Virgin Mary, Shepherds, Angels, Joseph and Wise men costumes are all available along with numerous other religiously oriented characters to make your Christmas pageant or Nativity re-enactment nothing short of spectacular. Bring the magic of Christmas into your special celebration with costumes that capture the spiritual essence of this most revered holiday.

Shephard costumes, Nun costumes, Pope costumes, Monk costumes and Angel costumes! It’s likely an annual tradition at a church or community event near you. Recreating the story of the Nativity is one of the most popular religious events that happen during Christmas celebrations everywhere each year. The Nativity is the reenactment of the events leading up to, and surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ according to the gospels of Luke and Matthew in the bible and is an important story to Christians around the world. Since recreating the Nativity is such a common and popular part of Christmas festivities, you may very likely need a costume for one of these types of events. Our appropriate and traditionally styled costumes are the perfect choice for your Nativity reenactment and will give you the look you desire with completely polished results, which means no more shepherd’s costumes made with your bathroom towels!