Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus Costumes

With many festive and sexy looks to choose from, you can bring a little extra fun into your holidays with one of these amazing Christmas costumes. Get into the holiday spirit by giving what is bound to be a very unexpected and special Christmas gift!

Mrs. Claus adult costumes, Mrs. Claus plus size costumes and Sexy Mrs. Claus costumes! It’s unfortunate, but Mrs. Santa Claus is probably the most overlooked (yet highly important) Christmas character out there. How likely is it that Santa could pack a sleigh full of toys to deliver to children around the entire world without a woman behind the scenes making all that happen? (Not very…) Someone obviously is helping Santa with his very important job--and that someone is Mrs. Santa Claus. If you feel as we do, that Mrs. Santa deserves some love and attention, too--then great-let’s all pay homage to one of the most important Mrs.’ of all time. Dressing up as Mrs. Claus can be a fun way to really get into the spirit of Christmas, too. We have a traditional Mrs. Claus costume that comes complete with apron and a luxurious long red velvet dress. If your image of Ms. Santa is a sassier version--well, we have a costume look for that. Our Ms. Santa wears a shorter skirt and her flirtatious Christmas dress looks a little younger and fresher than you might be expecting. If you really want to seriously melt some icicles, take your Mrs. Claus look to the 3rd degree with still another Mrs. Claus look. This all out, no-holds-barred assault under the mistletoe look is likely to make all your man’s Christmas wishes come true. These truly sexy Ms. Claus looks are going to bring out your inner vixen, and no--we aren’t talking about reindeer here, whatsoever.