Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Costumes

No matter what your President’s Day celebration involves, our selection of Colonial designs, Patriotic costumes, wigs and masks will greatly enhance your festivities. We have everything you need to create the perfect George Washington, Abe Lincoln or other presidential look. Have fun bringing to life an important part of American history!

Colonial General costumes, Colonial wigs, Clinton masks and Uncle Sam costumes! President’s day was originally a holiday adopted in the United States to commemorate George Washington’s birthday. Sometimes in the 1980’s the holiday became named Presidents day and is now designed to commemorate the birthdays of both George Washington as well as Abraham Lincoln. The holiday traditionally occurs on the 3rd Monday of February. The holiday honors the many accomplishments of 2 great Presidents. George Washington, who will always be known as the ‘Father of our Country’ was seen as the unifying source for a new, very young country and he set a tone of great leadership that should always be emulated from that time forward. Abraham Lincoln will always be well known for reshaping our country and creating a theme of unity and equality amongst the people of the U.S. During the month of February around the time of the President’s day holiday, it is very common for school children to focus their studies on learning about the lives and achievements of these two great men and former presidents of the United States. Many schools will have plays or dress up days to commemorate the significant events of these two important men’s lives.