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Santa Suits

Santa Suits

Bring out the Christmas spirit and put smiles on those around you this Christmas season. From Economy Santa Suits to Professional Santa Suits, we offer you a wide variety of Santa Suits that fit into any budget or occasion. Whether you’re looking for a Santa Suit for your holiday office party or a perfect Santa Suit to surprise the little ones, we have it here. Don’t forget to add accessories such as Santa boots, Santa hats, Santa gloves, Santa wigs, Santa beards, bells and bags to complete your Santa Claus look!

Jolly Old Saint Nick is Here! We Have Santa Suits, Santa Claus Costumes and Santa Costumes! Santa Claus is traditionally a very benevolent but mythological figure strongly associated with Christmas. Christmas legend states that on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus (or Saint Nicholas) brings gifts to good boys and girls. During the Christmas season, it’s very common for various people to dress up as Santa. In an appropriate red and white suit with a large, fluffy white beard and red velvet cap, pretending to be this jolly old soul will delight children everywhere. It’s part of annual Christmas tradition for children to visit pretend Santa’s in order to tell Santa what is on their Christmas wish list while also promising to be good as well as obedient. The American version of Santa Claus probably combines traditions from many various countries, and includes both Christian and secular rituals. Scandinavia, Denmark, Germany and England all had their own variations on the idea of Saint Nicholas. The Dutch version of Sinterklaas likely had the largest influence on the American rendition of good ol’ Saint Nick as we think of him today--that image being the chuckling, chubby, merry old soul dressed up in a fur suit made of red and white. Santa Claus is thought to reside at the North Pole. Tradition teaches that one night per year (on the evening of December the 24th), Santa Claus travels away from the North Pole in a sleigh drawn by 8 reindeer with perhaps even Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, at the helm lighting the way, even in the most inclement weather conditions. Santa Claus sneaks into people’s homes, usually accessing the home through the chimney, and then leaves gifts and presents inside stockings or places them underneath a Christmas tree. If you are looking for a very special Santa Suit to wear to recreate what has to be the most beloved Christmas character of all time, we have many suits to choose from, ranging from affordable economy versions to beautifully detailed professional quality deluxe Santa suits. With so many Santa ensembles to choose from, you can find the perfect choice to entertain children and delight all at your family party or to wear to a work party or even for a community event. Don’t miss out on one of the most beloved and exciting traditions surrounding Christmas!

Compliment your Santa suit by creating that perfect Santa Claus look with our How-To Video! If you are looking to create an authentic and very jolly version of Santa Claus for your Christmas event, here is a simple how-to video. With a few tips and suggestions, along with that perfect Santa Suit Costume, you will easily be able to become Santa, much to the delight of children big and small in your neck of the woods. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to create an amazing Santa look that is filled with Christmas cheer!