How to Add Girly Flair to a TShirt Costume

How to Add Girly Flair to a T-Shirt Costume

Tutu Cute: How to Add Girly Flash and Flair to an Ordinary T-Shirt Costume!

Shhhh. We're about to let you in on one of Halloween Express's best-kept secrets. We're talking about a rather non-descript undercover wonder that is usually hidden away on our site. Quite frankly, it's a little lost amongst the razzle-dazzle, glitz and glamour of our rather amazing costume collection. This little gem is known as a T-shirt costume. Sounds like it could be somewhat humdrum and maybe even a little boring, right? Well don't jump to conclusions too quickly our costume-loving friends! After we're finished, the T-shirt costume may just become your new best friend.

So, what exactly is a T-shirt costume? Well, a T-shirt costume is basically exactly what it sounds like. The costume consists of a character-themed T-shirt and a couple of very basic accessories. The T-shirt costume compared to other ready-made costumes is generally considered to be fairly standard fare. The basic nature of the costume, however, opens up a realm of creative possibilities that go far beyond what meets the eye. This is where things begin to get very interesting! We're going to show you how to jazz up this very basic costume look.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

Have you ever noticed that the vast majority of superheroes are male? Now seriously, what is up with that? Let's face it, even members of the female persuasion want to fly through the air like a bird or a plane, zip around town in a sweet ride or even scale up a building like a cagey arachnid. Superman, Spiderman, Batman or even Captain America--it seems that when it comes to saving the world and fighting off bad guys, boys just seem to have more opportunities. Here at Halloween Express, we say that there's no time like the present for all you gals to get in on all the excitement. Dressing up like a superhero of your own making is fun--and the best part is, you don't have to dress up like a dude to do it. So, how do you create your own female version of your favorite superhero character without breaking the bank? Well the first thing you are going to want to do is hook yourself up with one of those groovy T-shirt costumes. Choose whatever character you like--it doesn't matter if the "real" Batman, Green Lantern or Teenage Turtle is a real tough guy, because now is the time to put your own female spin on these characters. It's perfectly fine if what you envision is far more akin to Spiderella than Spiderman. The point here is to put together a look that expresses a little bit of your own exciting and unique personality and of course, to always, always, always have fun.

Accessorize...Like a Boss!

A plain T-shirt costume is a great place to start--but we know that's not where you want to end. Let's show you some of the possibilities for accessorizing your T-shirt costume to create your own personalized costume look.

Skirts and Tutus

When it comes to what to "add-on" to your ordinary T-shirt costume, now is the time to get really creative. One of the most popular costume looks trending right now and a really fun way to chick-out your superhero look--is to add either a skirt or a tutu or a combination of both. Say what? Hold on, did you say a superhero in a tutu? Heck yeah people! These super girly versions of your favorite comic book heroes are so completely adorbs on the littlest ones and can be downright sexy for grown up gals. Here are some ideas on how to pull together your tutu cute look.

  • Choose a skirt or tutu in a complimentary color to your costume. For example if you are wearing a blue-based Superman T-shirt, try wearing a red skirt or tutu. If you want to pull out all the stops, wear more than one tutu or a tutu underneath a solid colored skirt.
  • Tuck your T-shirt into your tutu and/or skirt and then tie a wide ribbon around your waist with a large bow in the back or the front, your choice. Choose a ribbon color that is contrasting to your skirt and top. For example if your Batman t-shirt is grey and your skirt/tutu is black, a bright blue or yellow ribbon belt will add a nice pop of color and some pizzazz to your costume look. Think about what other accessories you may want to add to your costume, as it will look best if you try and coordinate them.

Socks and Hosiery

Your superhero look is going to need some hosiery. Before you decide what hosiery you might want to wear, consider what footwear you are going to be wearing. Also it's a good idea consider what activities you will be participating in while wearing your costume. It has become very popular to dress in costume for a running race or a mud run. If you are dressing up for an event like this, obviously you will be wearing running shoes so colorful and comfortable socks may be the most practical choice. If you are a putting this look together for a youngster, perhaps tights and sturdy footwear may be the best option. For you gals that want to create a sexier look for a night out or a party, perhaps brightly colored thigh-high stockings with heels might be in order. Plan ahead and try on your ensemble in advance to see how it feels while walking around your home.

Shoes or Boots

Footwear can really add an appropriate exclamation point to your basic costume look and will help you to take your basic t-shirt costume from ordinary to something really extraordinary in a hurry! There are plenty of ready made costume shoes or boots available at Halloween Express. These groovy looks may be exactly what you need to give your costume a special edge. If you would prefer to not invest in costume footwear, there are many inexpensive options that you can consider. The Internet is filled with patterns and creative ideas for making simple DIY costume shoes and footwear made from duct tape. The beauty of creating your own shoes or boots fashioned from duct tape is that you can use your own imagination and creativity to get the exact look that you want. The downside is obviously that these shoes are not practical for long term use. For one event, however, you may find that creating individualized footwear from duct tape is an inexpensive, fun and simply ingenious option! If supreme comfort is necessary, you may want to wear some basic shoes that come out of your own personal wardrobe. For example, a simple pair of black boots may just the ticket!

Pants or Leggings

Sometimes it's just not practical to wear a skirt and for whatever reason, you may opt to have your legs covered. There are plenty of feminine options available to you gals, however if you choose to ditch the skirt and cover your legs. Pants are always a simple and easy solution. Alternatively, consider wearing leggings or yoga pants with your T-shirt costume. These stretchy and form-fitting pants are not only a comfortable solution, but they also coordinate really well with T-shirt costumes no matter what character style you choose. These pants can also be very easily tucked into boots for a really fun (not to mention heroic) look.


Let's face it; makeup is a costume essential and can be a gal's best friend! Not only is the proper makeup going to help you get into your chosen character, but there are some other very distinct advantages to using makeup. Many superheroes wear masks. Now, obviously there is nothing wrong with a mask and for some characters, a mask is an integral part of the character. The downside of wearing a mask, however, is two-fold. Not only can a mask be hot and uncomfortable and make it hard to see, but it can also make you feel a little anti-social. What inevitably ends up happening at your function is the mask eventually comes off--and with it, there goes a big part of your costume look. A great way to avoid this conundrum is to use makeup to create your "mask" and other parts of your characters face. Makeup is far more comfortable to wear and when done correctly, it will last all night without any issues. Voila! We've just solved one of your major costume dilemmas. Check out our many how-to videos for ideas on how to use makeup to best enhance your costume look.

Headwear and Wigs

When it comes to creating a costume look, don't underestimate the power of headwear and/or wigs. What you put on your head can make or break your costume! Some T-shirt costumes may come with a simple mask, which you can choose to wear, or not. You may want to consider adding a fun hat or an appropriate wig to really get yourself into character in a hurry. Wearing character-appropriate headwear or hair can quickly and easily take your costume look into the stratosphere! In fact, we really can't emphasize appropriate headwear enough and the reason for this is pretty simple. Whatever you wear on or around your face is going to get noticed--and this is as it should be. Consider adding hair or other headwear accessories that are sure to take your look to the next level.

Capes and Gloves

Many T-shirt costumes will come with a basic cape or other simple accessories. Assess what you have and consider ways to make it even better. For example, there is no reason why you can't take a plain cape and add some of your own special touches to make it uniquely yours. If you want some very easy, no-sew ideas on how to add some pizzazz to a cape, check out our informational video on how to create a no-sew cape.

Jewelry and Other Gear

Depending on your character, you may want to consider a few other miscellaneous accessories. Some of these you can make yourself or you may be able to use jewelry from your own collection. For example, shields are easy to construct out of cardboard, markers and /or paint. A simple handle for your shield can be crafted out of duct tape. Super simple superhero bracelet cuffs can be fashioned out of toilet paper rolls. Decorate these with paint and glitter and in just minutes, you've got epic cuffs that any superhero would covet! Superhero headbands, hair bows or hair accessories are also easy to make and are an absolute necessity!

Extras! Extras!

Okay... you've got your costume look ready to go....but, there's always a little room for a few extras! Although these items are always optional, they do carry some weight when it comes to pulling off that perfect costume look. What is Batman without his handy batarangs? And Spiderman--he's just gotta have web shooters, no? And of course Superman may require a pair of Clark Kent glasses in case he needs to revert back to his alter ego. Get creative and have fun choosing as many accessories as you can imagine.


Now we've come full circle. We started with a simple T-shirt and now we've ended up with a costume look with real "wow" factor. The best part is you've put together a look that is uniquely yours while expressing a bit of your own very special personality. Zero to hero--in just minutes! Part goddess, part hero, part rebel, part princess...100% fabulous!

Now who wouldn't like to wear a costume like that?