Creating a Comic Wolverine Costume Look

Marvel comics created the Wolverine who made his comic book debut sometime in 1974. The Wolverine joined up with the famous superhero team known as the X-men sometime in the early eighties. Known for his deadly force and brooding nature, the Wolverine also possesses some very unique qualities. The Wolverine has the inherent ability to quickly heal himself or completely regenerate after even the most significant injury. This mutant healing power has rendered the Wolverine nearly indestructible although he still will feel the pain inflicted upon him when he is hurt. The Wolverine has some very animalistic characteristics as well, including his legendary adamantine claws, along with very keen senses of both smell and hearing. This summer, the Wolverine has his own feature film, entitled of course, "The Wolverine."

How to Create a Comic Wolverine Costume Look


Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Start with a clean, dry face. Using Mehron's Paradise Palette (#DD507) in the basic color selection, load a medium sized square brush with the dark blue color by adding a little bit of water to the paint. Beginning at the inner eyebrow, paint a slightly curved shape over the eye outward, angling up toward the hairline. Encircle the eye with the blue paint, creating an oblong, mask-like shape around the eye with the blue paint. Repeat this process on the other eye.

Step Two:  Using the bright yellow paint (mixed with a little water) found in the same face paint palette, (#DD507) paint on a half-moon shape in between the eyes on the forehead. Fill in the space between the two blue shapes with the yellow paint, extending the yellow onto the nose and joining it into a point.

Step Three:  Using a very thin brush and the black paint in the same palette (thinned with a little water) fully load the brush and very carefully paint a line around the blue painted area on the mask shapes. Reload the brush with paint and line over the yellow half moon shape and line the pointed area over the nose. Paint on new high pointy arched eyebrows with the black paint in order to make your Wolverine look a little more ferocious.

Step Four:  Using Mehron's Detailz Liner Pen in White (#DD510), add a few very thin highlights around the tops and bottoms of the mask area right next to the black outline.

Step Five:  Using crepe wool in Dark Brown (#CB12) remove the braid from the package. Cut off a section of crepe wool a few inches long and begin to unravel the fibers and fluff them out with your fingers. To create the Wolverine's traditional mutton chop sideburn style, you will be applying crepe wool to the entire beard area with the exception of the mustache area and chin. Crepe wool should be applied in very small sections beginning at the jaw line and working up, as if you were shingling a roof. In order to adhere the crepe wool to the face, you will need to brush on spirit gum. Brush the spirit gum onto the face and as it begins to dry, tap it lightly with your finger until you feel the spirit gum begin to get very tacky. Press a small, thin segment of crepe wool onto the face. (About 1-1/2" wide.) Repeat this process until the entire area you want to have facial hair is covered. Don't worry if your beard is too thick or long, you will be trimming it as a final step. Apply more spirit gum as needed and make sure you have full coverage where you need it with the crepe wool pieces.

Step Six:  Trim the mutton chop sideburns into the length you desire, taking great care when using scissors close to your face!

Step Seven:  Using Colorset powder, (#DD321) lightly dust the makeup with setting powder to set the makeup and to prevent smudging.

Now it's time for your own Wolverine to really get into character by putting on your favorite Wolverine costume! Our Wolverine look was completed with a muscle enhanced Wolverine Costume, (#DG50358) which includes his infamous faux adamantine claws and a masked hood. Our Wolverine's action packed look is finished off with a pair of slick black boots. (#HA133) Now your Wolverine look is complete! He'll drop you like yesterday's newspaper, but we're guessing you will have a smashing time recreating one of today's most exciting comic book anti-heroes.

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