How to Create a Diabolical Saw Puppet Look

When it comes to horror films, the "Saw" series has truly left an indelible mark on many fans of the slasher film genre. One of the more frightening and memorable characterizations found in the “Saw” series was the very creepy, white-faced puppet who did some of the talking for the serial killer during the film, delivering infamous messages such as “I want to play a game” and “make your choice”! The puppet is frightening to look at, but made even more so when juxtaposed with his hideous and terrifying agenda. In other words, he might be just the character you want to portray for Halloween!

The "Saw" puppet makeup look is easy to create with just a few makeup items found at Halloween Express. By following our complete step-by-step instructions, you will be quickly on your way to creating what has to be one of the most diabolical and frightening characters to ever hit the silver screen.

How to Create a Diabolical Saw Puppet Look Using Inexpensive Makeup Items.

Here are the items we're using to create this Saw Puppet look:

Makeup Costume Components


Follow These Seven Steps to Create this Diabolical Saw Puppet Look

Step One: Begin with a clean and dry face. Using modeling wax (#DD21), remove the wax from the container and pre-form the following shapes that you will be adhering to your face. For our look we have created eyebrows, cheeks and a bulbous chin out of the wax. Form the modeling wax into the desired shapes, flattening them out on the backside so that they will eventually adhere well to the skin. Before you attempt to stick the pieces into place, size up your wax pieces onto your face to see how they will fit. Continue to mold and shape your wax pieces until you are satisfied with how they look. Once ready to adhere, set your wax pieces aside while you get your face ready for the application process.

Step Two: The wax pieces you have created will be glued to the face using spirit gum. (#DD17) Decide where your wax will need to be adhered, and then brush on a liberal amount of spirit gum in this area. NOTE: Be extremely careful when brushing spirit gum around the eye area. Tap on the spirit gum gently with your finger until you can feel it begin to get extremely sticky. Press each wax piece into place pressing the edges down firmly onto the skin, applying more spirit gum if needed.

Step Three:  Brush liquid latex (#DD233) onto all the wax pieces, coating them completely. Brush the liquid latex also around the edges of the pieces, blending them into the skin and helping to achieve good adherence. Let the latex dry completely.

Step Four:  The bulk of the makeup look will be completed using the Saw Makeup Kit. (#PM511179) While the latex is drying, using a sponge tip applicator, apply the black makeup color from the makeup kit palette around the eye area, both on the eyelids as well as underneath the eyes. The eyes should be completely encircled with the black makeup.

Step Five:  The next step is to apply the white color with a damp cosmetic sponge to the entire face, covering the wax pieces as well. Hold the wax pieces gently in place while apply the makeup and be careful not to pull or tug on them as they may loosen. Apply the white makeup so that it appears completely opaque and the entire face is thoroughly covered. Powder the face at this point with a setting powder. We have used Colorset Powder to complete this process. (#DD321)

Step Six: Using the red crayon paint found in the makeup kit, carefully draw a spiral shape on each cheek wax piece, starting at the center and working your way outward.

Step Seven: Using the red color in the paint palette found in the makeup kit, paint on the creepy mouth shape.

At this point in the makeup application process your transformation into the Saw Puppet is nearly complete and it’s time to very carefully put on your costume. To complete our frightening look we have used the short wig (#CA02) in black and the Saw II Puppet Costume. (#PM801763) Be careful when looking in the mirror--you just might scare yourself! He’s diabolical. He’s so creepy. He will play horrible games with your mind. And now he can be invited to your next Halloween party!

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