Creating a Halo Cortana Costume Look

Cortana. She’s the artificial intelligence character that provides critical tactical information to the Halo video game player when he or she becomes Master Chief. Although Cortana is technically a hologram, in the game Cortana assumes the image of a woman and a very sexy woman at that--making her an exciting and unique choice for Cosplay or Halloween costume dress up. We’ve put together simple, step-by-step instructions for a Cortana makeup look that not only captures the essence of this unique and dynamic character but is also sure to get you noticed!

How to Create an "Almost" Human Halo Cortana Costume Look


Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Cortana Costume Look:

Step One:  Begin your makeup look with a very clean and dry face that is free of all other makeup. Face paint will go on your face easier and more uniformly if your face is clean! Begin with a damp sponge, and Paradise Light Blue face paint. (#DD521) To get better opacity and coverage, apply the face paint with a dabbing motion rather than a wiping motion. Load your sponge with more paint as needed. Apply the paint to your entire face and neck. You do not need to cover your eyelid area, as this will be made up later.

Step Two:  After you have finished covering your face and neck with the light blue color, it’s time to shade and contour the face a little bit to give it some shape and dimension. To contour, we have used the Paradise face paint in Dark Blue. (#DD516) Using a lightly loaded sponge or large round brush, softly blend the dark blue shade in the areas of the face you wish to shadow. For example, apply the contour color around the hairline and sides of the face, under the jaw line, along with the sides of the nose, under the lower lip and underneath the cheekbones. Don’t worry if the contour color looks too dark; you can always go back and blend it in with more light blue. Play with the two blue shades until you have the desired look with appropriate shading in strategic places.  

Step Three:  Using White Paradise Paint (#DD531) and a lightly loaded clean sponge applicator, highlight the face in the following areas: The forehead, the chin, the cheekbones and along the bridge of the nose, blend well using a light touch.

Step Four:  Using EYE Cream in Light Blue (#DD122) apply this color to the entire upper eyelid area, and blend in well with a brush.  

Step Five:  Apply EYE Cream in Slate Grey (#DD125) into the crease area of the upper eyelid and blend outward, creating a shadow and contour.  

Step Six:  Line along the lash line of the upper eye lids with Mehron Detailz Liner Pen in black. (#DD509) Make the line thicker for a more dramatic look.

Step Seven: Line underneath the lower eye lashes with a black liner pencil. (#DE01) Fill in the eyebrows with a dark brown liner pencil. (#DE01)

Step Eight: Apply a pair of Blue and Black false eyelashes with eyelash glue along the upper lash line. (#EA88)

Step Nine: Apply blue lipstick (#DE66) to the lips using a lip brush. Blot with a tissue to help prevent smudging.

Now your Cortana makeup is complete, and it’s time to gear up in an appropriate and cleverly designed Cortana costume! For our Cortana look, we have used the very sexy and officially licensed Halo Cortana bodysuit (#DG15190) and topped the stunning look off with a very sleek Asymmetrical wig in black. (#LW516) 

Cortana. She’s the voice of reason and intelligence in one of the world’s most widely celebrated video games. Even as a hologram, Cortana is smart, surprisingly sexy and always willing to tell Master Chief exactly what to do. Now this intelligent and attractive ‘almost’ human can be at your next Halloween party!


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