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How To Create a Harley Quinn Costume Look

In the summer of 2016, audiences were reintroduced to Harley Quinn, the notorious sidekick of the Joker. Formerly known as Dr. Harleen Quinn, Harley Quinn was once a respectable psychiatrist who in fact, met the Joker during his stay in Arkham Asylum. The Joker quickly learned that Ms. Quinn would do all manner of evil deeds in the name of love, and thus The Joker has been manipulating Harley’s mind ever since. Now this bat-wielding villainess is not only wildly in love with her man, but she is also willing to do just about anything to put a smile on her “Puddin’s” face. Harley Quinn sports a fantastic look that is perfect for Halloween. Follow our easy to follow step-by-step instructions to create a creepy and crazy Harley Quinn Costume look!



Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Using a white cream makeup (#DD424) and a damp sponge, apply a sheer layer of the white makeup to the face. The look you are trying to achieve is transparent and pale, not opaque so use a light touch. Brush a setting powder (#DD321) onto the face to set the makeup.

Step Two: To create the legendary Harley Quinn smudged eye makeup look, we have used Paradise Face Paints, using two colors (Dark Blue and Red) from the Basic color palette. (#DD507) Begin with the red face paint, which will be used the right eye. (Note: Some people may have sensitivity to red makeup colors. We recommend you do a skin test before applying this color in the eye area.) Dilute the red paint with a little water using a small brush. Apply the color to the upper eyelid area. Next, using the same small brush, apply the red color underneath the right eye. To get the smudged effect with the paint, randomly use loose brush strokes down the right cheek. Smudge the paint while wet with your fingertip to enhance the smudged look. If the result looks like makeup that smeared during a fit of crying, you are on the right track. After you have finished the right eye with the red face paint, repeat the same process on the left eye with the dark blue face paint.

Step Three: Line the upper and lower eyelids with a black eye pencil. (#DE01) Smudge the liner as desired. Once again, the look that you are trying to achieve is messy and smudged, so you can’t make a mistake. Using a dark brown eye pencil, (#DE01) fill in the eyebrows using feathery strokes.

Step Four: Using a Black Detailz Liner Pen, (#DD509) paint a small heart on the upper cheek, just below the “red” side eye. Fill the heart in with the Detailz Liner pen.

Step Five: Using a bright red LIP Cream (#DD103) (we used Valentine), glide the creamy color onto the lips with a lip brush.

Now it’s time to get into your favorite Harley Quinn Costume. Our model is wearing the Harley Quinn Costume Kit, (#RU820078) accessorized with a Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Inflatable Bat. (#RU32943) Our Harley Quinn look was achieved by adding colored hair extensions (#SA10246 and #SA10241) to our model’s natural hair and then styling it into two high pony tails. An equally cool Harley Quinn hairstyle can be easily accomplished by just wearing the fashionable Harley Rules Wig (#MR179607)

Harley Quinn. She’s a crazy, creepy, and overly violent. She’s also completely bonkers for the Joker. How far will Harley Quinn go in the name of love? Perhaps she only needs to go as far as your next Halloween party!

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