Creating a Pennywise Costume Look from "IT"

Remember the date, because September of 2017 officially marks the time that one of the most hideous characters in history was reincarnated, much to the delight of horror fans around the globe. Pennywise, the shapeshifting, child-terrorizing clown is back—and this new version of him is scarier than ever. We’d say Pennywise got a complete makeover—but it’s probably more like a make-under because when it comes to scary clowns, this guy is the stuff of which the most horrific nightmares are made. Since we know Pennywise is a Halloween costume favorite, we’ve attempted to put together a makeup look that is inspired by Pennywise’s brand new (and oh, so scary) new costume. Don’t be intimidated by all that clown makeup—just follow our step by step instructions to create one of the most frightening clown looks ever imagined.

How to Create a Pennywise Costume Look from "IT"


Step-by-Step Instructions for Creating a Pennywise Costume Look:

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. Using an ordinary glue stick, apply a layer of glue to the eyebrows and smooth them out with the back end of a brush. Apply a layer of setting powder (#DD321). Apply a second layer of glue, smooth it out and let this dry. Apply a layer of setting powder once again.  

Step Two:  Place a bald cap (#EA30) on the head and using an eye pencil, draw lines on the cap where you will need to cut the cap to expose the ears and along the back neck line. Remove the cap and cut along the drawn lines. Place the cap back on the head, making sure the fit is correct, making any needed adjustments. Fold back the edges of the cap and apply spirit gum (#DD237) along the edges of the cap and onto the face in the areas where you want the cap to adhere. Press the edges of the cap into place. Make sure that the cap edges are fully adhered using more spirit gum as needed.  

Step Three:  Apply liquid latex (#DD233) along the edges of the bald cap to blend the edges into the skin. Dab the latex with a slightly damp white sponge applicator to blend. Let dry. Apply setting powder (#DD321) to the edge of the cap. Repeat with another coat of liquid latex along the edges and once again, apply another coat of powder.

Step Four:  Once your bald cap is on and adhered properly with the edges fully blended in, it’s time to apply makeup. Use mask cover in White (#DD304) to cover the bald cap. Use a damp sponge and a dabbing motion to apply the white color until the cap is covered with white. With a damp sponge and Clown White makeup (#DD04), apply this color to the entire face, ears and neck area. Once you have reached the desired opacity with the makeup, powder the entire face with a setting powder to set the makeup, brushing off any excess.  

Step Five:  Using the black color clown makeup (#CSCC001C), paint on the sideways “S” shape that forms the eyebrow. Mirror this shape on the other side of the face. Using the same black, darken the upper eyelids and blend the color to fade upward, so it remains darkest near the lash line. Line with the same black underneath the eyes. Apply powder to set.  

Step Six:  Using the same red color, brush on the nose on the very tip of the nose, fading out the color upward.

Step Seven: Using Texas Dirt (#DD01) and a fluffy brush, dust on a little bronze color onto the exposed areas of the face. This product gives the skin a wonderful bronze glow, perfect for a rugged character like “The Hound.”

Step Eight: Make sure that once you have all your makeup on the way you like it, that you carefully press setting a good amount of setting powder into all the details you have added to the face, using powder loaded onto a brush or powder puff. Once every area has been fully and heavily powdered, take a fluffy brush and brush off all excess powder. If you have a haze of powder that remains over some of the facial features you wish were brighter, go over these areas gently with a slightly damp powder puff.

Now it’s time to get into a great clown costume. For our look, we strayed a bit away from a traditional Clown costume and tried to emulate Pennywise’s, new for the 2017 costume look. To accomplish this, we began with a Gothic Pirate Shirt (#UR28669) in white. We bought some 2” red pom poms at the craft store and hot glued them to the front of the shirt. Next, we tucked the shirt into a Knee Length Petticoat (#UA83043) and a pair of white pantaloons. (#AC137) Pennywise needed a belt, so we used a bright red cummerbund to get a similar effect. (#BB123). Lastly, we topped the whole look off with a Harlequin or Clown collar and a bright orange wig. (#DG10226) To fully accessorize our look, we’ve used a pair of white gloves (#BA01), a pair of clown shoes (#HA60) and a sinister looking pair of ghoul's teeth. (#FW9326)  

There are horror movies, and then there are horror movies. Some of these scary films are destined to go on to be true horror classics. “IT” is one of the unique varieties of horror films that not only create an indelible impression—but it is also likely to change your feelings about clowns…forever.


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