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How to Create a Spiderman Look

Video of how to create a Spiderman look using inexpensive makeup items from Halloween Express.

At Halloween Express, we love Superheroes! They thrill us, they mesmerize us, and of course, at the end of the day, they are always there to save us. From the moment a radioactive spider bit Peter Parker, the Spiderman saga has gripped audiences around the world and "Spidey" has completely wrapped us up in his web, as he's found his way straight into our hearts. The latest chapter of this web-blasting superhero can be found in "The Amazing Spider-Man" which has been a huge hit with audiences since its release during the summer of 2012. If you are looking to capture the look as well as the essence of Spiderman and are contemplating using makeup on your face instead of a mask, you've come to the right place!

We've created a truly "amazing" as well as authentic looking Spiderman face that is very easy to do with simple makeup items that can be found right here at Halloween Express.

This Spiderman look is remarkably simple to apply and you will find it extremely comfortable and non-intrusive to wear throughout all your Halloween activities!

create this Spiderman look

create this Spiderman look

The items we used to create this Spiderman look are:


Follow These Simple Steps to Create a Spiderman Look

Step One:  Using the Spiderman Makeup Kit, (Product # WFSM01) begin the makeup process with the white color which will be applied in a wedge or teardrop shape around the eyes. Add a small amount of water to the paint and apply the white using the sponge tip applicator that is included in the makeup kit. After you have completed one eye, create a mirror image of the first eye on the other eye. Try to get the shape of the eyes as even as you can. Let the eyes dry for about 5 minutes. 

Step Two:  Using the red color found in the same Spiderman makeup kit and the second sponge tip applicator, add a little water to the paint and apply the red to the rest of the face, ending the color at the hairline on the top of the face and the chin line on the bottom. Don't make the color too thin with water as this may make the color run or go on too translucent. You want to use just enough water to make the paint go on easily but still maintain a vibrant red color. Don't forget to paint your lips! Let the red paint dry for about 5 minutes. Dust all the makeup at this point with a little Colorset Powder (Product #DD321).

Step Three:  Using the small black face paint "pencil" found in the same Spiderman makeup kit, outline around the painted white of the eyes. Make the line fairly thick at the top and then taper it down a bit toward the bottom.

Step Four:  After you have outlined the eyes, using the same black face paint pencil, you will begin to draw on the web pattern. Begin the web design by first drawing a complete line down the center of the face. Then in segments similar to a pie, draw in angled lines from the top of the face down into a center point. Draw the same angled lines going the opposite direction from the center to points on the bottom of the face.

Step Five:  Once the line pattern is all drawn on and in place, you will need to draw in "u" shaped lines that connect the other lines which will create a spider web pattern. Continue this pattern around the face, noting that the "u" shape should be turned upside down on the lower half of the face.

Step Six:  After you have completed the web design on the face, draw in an outline around the circumference of the face. Once the makeup has dried completely, dust the entire face very lightly with more Colorset Powder. (Product #DD321)  

Now it's time to find your Spiderman costume and to carefully get dressed! This Spiderman makeup look works equally well for Men, Women and kids of all ages. You can even substitute a bright pink color for the red (we like the Hot Pink that is found in the INtense Pro Makeup Fire Palette by Mehron), which then will create a really girly, but still very Spidey, exciting makeup look. Have fun with these face paints and use your imagination!

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