Creating a Female Pirate Costume Look

One of the hottest costume looks around in today's costume character marketplace is that of the Pirate. Long considered a classic Halloween look, the pirate in recent years has had a renewed surge in popularity do to movies such as those that are part of the popular Disney movie franchise, "Pirates of the Caribbean."

If you are looking for a makeup look that is not only easy to do, but captures the essence of the wild and rogue female pirate, then stop right here. We've put together a simple to do pirate makeup look that is versatile enough to use with many costume styles, but it's especially good for the wide variety of Pirate characters we have as part of our extensive Pirate Costume collection.

How to Create a Female Pirate Costume Look


Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One:  Apply the Foundation: For this look, we’ve used Mehron’s Foundation in Fair Female (Product #: DD05). You will want to match your natural skin tone as closely as possible when you use product this as a base. Mehron’s foundation comes in many different skin tone shades so matching yours should be relatively easy and will also create a smooth and flawless base to build your makeup look from. Apply the foundation with a damp sponge wedge and blend in well.

Step Two:  Using Mehron’s E.Y.E. cream makeup in Chestnut Brown (Product #DD343), blend in shadows and contour the face. Using the chestnut brown cream makeup and a damp foam sponge (Product # DD193), blend in the contour color around the sides of the face, the top of the forehead, under the chin, under the lower lip and along the sides of the nose. Depending on how grungy you want your pirate to look, you can go light or heavy with this effect.

Step Three:  To really dirty up the pirate look, using Mehron’s Tri-Color Pirate Palette (Product#: DD445), deepen some of the facial shadows using the black color found in the palette. If you want a more smudged look, leave some of the black in wispy splotches on the face.

Step Four:  Using the same black color (Mehron’s Tri-Color Pirate Palette Product #: DD445) and a Q-Tip or sponge tip eye makeup applicator, apply the black as a base shadow on the eyelids and blend well.

Step Five:  Using Mehron’s Detailz liner in Black (Product #: DD509), line the upper and lower eyelids. This will add dramatic and dark emphasis to the eyes and make them stand out even more.

Step Six:  Using the red color found in Mehron’s Tri-color Pirate Palette (Product#: DD445) and a lip brush, apply the color to the lips. Blot with tissue to help avoid excess smudging.

Now go mess up your hair and put on your favorite Pirate costume! You are now ready to go out and have some good swashbuckling pirate fun with your mateys! Arggggh!!

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