Creating a Thor Costume Look

When it comes to superhero films, Thor is often overlooked for some of the bigger name players like Iron Man, Captain America, and the gang of Guardians of the Galaxy. This year, however, Thor is back on the silver screen, starring in “Thor: Ragnarok,” promising to steal the thunder of some of those other heroes and put it back where it belongs--on himself! Thor, the son of the Norse god Odin, not only wields a mighty hammer that is said to be capable of leveling mountains, but he also has a pretty impressive look that is perfect for costume dress up.

Follow our complete step-by-step instructions to create a fantastic Thor look that is sure to be a big hit at your next Halloween party!



How to Create a Thunderously Cool Thor Costume Look


Follow These Steps

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face. To apply a faux slash wound to the face, start with the FX 3D Slashed transfer kit. (#DFFXTM524) Cut the desired “wound” from the sheet around its borders and visualize where you would like to place it on the face. Remove the plastic sheet covering the “wound” and turn this side down, gently pressing it into the face. Using a damp sponge, apply pressure to the paper backing of the wound paying particular attention to the edges. When the paper backing has become thoroughly saturated, set the sponge down and then gently remove the paper backing. Don’t worry if the wound appears a little shiny--you can powder this down later with a little setting powder.  

Step Two:  Contour the face with Creamblend Stick makeup in Bronze Tan. (#DD94) Apply the makeup color underneath the cheekbones, on the sides of the nose and around the jaw and hairline to give the face a chiseled, sculpted look. Blend the color in well with a damp sponge.  

Step Three:  Thor has a lot of scruff or a short beard. Don’t worry if you are challenged when it comes to facial-hair, it’s easy to instantly acquire some very realistic looking facial hair with an easy to do, makeup technique. First, using crepe hair in light brown (#CB12), unwind a small piece of the crepe hair. Remove the twine from the strip and fluff out the hairs with your fingers. With a pair of sharp scissors, cut tiny pieces (specs, almost like hair-dust) of crepe hair into a small dish. When you’ve cut enough of the little bits of hair to cover your face, then it’s time to apply this to the face. Work in one small area of the face at a time. Brush spirit gum (#CSAD002C) onto a small area of the face. Tap the spirit gum until it feels super tacky. Once you feel the spirit gum is very sticky, with your fingers, stick some of the cut hairs into place. Continue this process until you have facial hair in all the desired locations, applying as much or as little of the hair bits as you like. If necessary, to remove some of the facial hair, brush off excess with a clean toothbrush. This process creates a very realistic looking new growth beard or scruff, perfect for your Thor look.

Step Four:  After you have finished applying the faux facial hair to your face, brush on a little bronzing powder “Texas dirt” (#DD01) to give the face a rugged, bronzed look. A little goes a long way, so go easy with this product at first. 

Step Five:  Finish your Thor look with a little setting powder to set the makeup. (#CSPW014C) Brush the powder on lightly with a fluffy brush. 

Step Six:  If desired, dab a little FX blood (#DE109) to the slash wound, using a cotton-tipped swab.

Now it’s time to get dressed in your favorite Thor Costume. To create our Thor look, we have dressed our model in the muscularly enhanced traditional Men’s Thor Costume. (#RU820006) Where would Thor be without his mighty hammer? We have accessorized our look with his trusty Thor Hammer, Mjolner --(#RU36250) and then, just for fun, we’ve also added a pretty amazing Thor headpiece to top things off. (#RU35668)

Heroic comic-book style action has never been this much fun! Thor, the hammer-wielding god of Thunder, is handsome, ridiculously muscled, a wickedly good fighter and a skilled warrior. Now, with some simple to do makeup techniques and a really terrific costume, Thor can also be a guest at your next Halloween party!


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