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How To Create a Twisty the Clown Costume Look

American Horror Story's “Freak Show” introduced audiences to a whole new batch of bizarre and downright scary characters. Set in Jupiter, Florida in 1952, the fictional show follows one of the last existing freak shows in the United States. One of the more notorious characters of this freak show is Twisty the Clown. A disgruntled, bitter and disenfranchised performer, Twisty becomes even more upset and enraged by his worsening circumstances. After a failed suicide attempt, Twisty begins to express his burgeoning madness in the most horrific and violent ways.

If you are looking for a genuinely frightening character to make your own this Halloween, Twisty the Clown might be one to consider. He's as hideous to look at, making Twisty Halloween perfection. Don't be intimidated by all that makeup--with the clever combination of an unsettling half mask and a little bit of simple costume makeup--you can easily create an unforgettable and ghastly Twisty the Clown look!



Follow These Steps to Create this Look

Step One: Apply a bald cap prosthetic to the head. (#PM778175). For best results, slick the hair back well before putting the bald cap on the head. Once the cap is in place, determine where to trim holes in the cap for the ears to show through. You can accomplish this easiest by drawing a cut line directly on the cap. Using a pair of scissors carefully cut around the drawn line using extreme caution so that you don’t cut your ears or skin! We recommend using scissors with a blunt tip for this task. Once you have the cap trimmed accordingly, tack the edges down using spirit gum. (#DD237) To accomplish this, apply the spirit gum with the brush directly to the skin where you want the cap to adhere. Tap the spirit gum with your finger until it feels noticeably tackier. Press the cap into place and smooth down the edges. Continue in this manner until the cap is fully adhered. Brush some liquid latex along the edge that comes into contact with the forehead and temple area. (#DD233) Let dry.

Step Two: After the bald cap is in place, coat the cap with a light coat of white mask cover. (#DD304) Use a stippling motion to apply this makeup to the cap. Use care when working near the edge of the cap. Next, using a white cream makeup (#DD424) and a damp sponge, apply the foundation to the entire face, ears and neck area.

Step Three: Using a black cream makeup (#DD422) and a brush, apply this color to the eyelids and underneath the lower lashes to create a deep shadow. Blend the color in well. Using this same black color, blend in shadows on the sides of the nose, around the nostril areas and shade gently along the forehead wrinkle lines.

Step Four: Using Mehron’s Detailz Liner Pen in Black, (#DD509) add some crow’s feet on the outer edges of the eyes. Deepen the crease on the sides of the nostrils. Add some thin forehead lines.

Step Five: Using Mehron’s Detailz Liner Pen in Red, (#DD511) draw the elongated lines that Twisty has above and below the center of his eyes.

Step Six: Using a red foundation makeup (#DD05) and a tapping motion, dab the color directly along the line of the bald cap to make it appear bloody or like a severe wound.

Step Seven: Powder the entire face with a setting powder to set the makeup. We have used Colorset Powder. (#DD321)

Step Eight: Using a coagulated blood gel, (#DD533) dab the blood over the red cream makeup to make the wounded area look like it is freshly bleeding.

Step Nine: We have created Twisty’s notorious hairstyle by using pieces of crepe hair, fluffed into tufts. Begin the process with a blonde or light shade of crepe hair. (# CB12) After forming three separate tufts of hair, using spray hair color, (#DE60) color one tuft of hair green, one red, and the last tuft, yellow. Once the color is dry, spray each tuft of hair with some hair spray to stiffen it. Let dry. Attach each tuft to the bald cap using spirit gum. Once you’ve brushed a generous amount spirit gum onto the cap, tap the product until it feels very sticky. Press the tuft of hair into place. Position the other two tufts of Twisty’s hair in the same manner.

Step Ten: The last step is to tie on the Twisty the Clown mouth mask. (#MAJMFOX101) For best results, position the mask underneath the nose, center it, and then tie the ties on the upper part of the back of the head. Tie the mask snugly to the head so it doesn’t droop or move around.

We have dressed our model in the American Horror Story Twisty the Clown Costume. (#MATTFOX100) By combining a little bit of costume makeup with a well-crafted mask, we think we have come up with a very authentic (not to mention very scary) Twisty the Clown look.

Twisty the Clown. He could arguably be one of the scariest clowns we’ve ever seen. Positively twisted, now you can invite this monstrous freak to your next Halloween party!

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