Creating an Orange is the New Black Costume Look

Busted! Have you been binge watching streaming television again? If so, there's a very high likelihood you are already familiar with the extremely popular characters that are part of the Netflix original series, Orange is the New Black. Life in a women's prison isn't easy, but creating a costume look based on these fun characters is actually very simple. Keep reading for step-by-step instructions for some fantastic ideas on how to recreate the look of one of your favorite Orange is the New Black inmates!

For our video tutorial, we used makeup, costumes and accessories to create four of our favorite "Orange is the New Black" characters. Many of these same techniques can be easily adapted to replicate the looks of many other Litchfield residents. Be creative and take this opportunity to use your imagination and most of all, have fun!

How to Create an Orange is the New Black Costume Look


Follow These Steps to Create this Alex Vause Look

Step One:  Alex wears very heavy and dramatic eyeliner on her eyes. To achieve this look, we have used a black eyeliner pencil. (#CRPP002) Using a sharpened eye pencil, line carefully along the last line, extending the line past the lash line to create a bit of a cat eye look.

Step Two:  Alex has very high arching, lovely eyebrows. Try using a dark brown eye pencil (#DE01) to extend and fill in the eyebrows.

Step Three:  To accentuate the cheeks, dab Cheek Cream (#DD141) in Geranium on the apples of the cheeks. Don't apply this too heavily as this inmate's makeup look is very natural.

Step Four:  In keeping with the natural makeup look preferred by Alex; we have applied a light pink (Cotton Candy #DD103) lip color to the lips.

Step Five:  Temporary tattoos are a fun and easy way to accentuate the look of many of the Litchfield prison inmates. We have tried to replicate Alex's ink by using the Snake with Rose Tattoo (#DE184) on her upper right arm, and the Tribal Armband Thorns Tattoo (#DE194) on her forearm. To apply temporary tattoos, begin with clean and dry skin that is completely free of any makeup or lotion. We have cleansed our model's arm with a little rubbing alcohol just to prep the skin for the tattoos. Let the skin dry after this step. Remove the plastic film that covers the tattoo. If you are only using a part of the tattoo, cut off the part you don't need with scissors. Place the tattoo with the paper backing facing you onto the skin, placing it carefully in the desired location. Using a damp but not dripping towel, wet the back of the paper backing of the tattoo and apply pressure to the tattoo at the same time. One the paper backing is completely wet press the tattoo firmly for about thirty seconds. (At this point, it's okay to "peek" and see if the tattoo has adhered properly.) Carefully peel off the paper backing of the tattoo. Gently pat the tattoo with the damp towel. Dust the tattoo with a setting powder (#DD321) to remove any shine, as this will make the tattoo appear more realistic.

Step Six:  We have dressed our Alex-inspired inmate in the Convict Costume (#UR29436) and accessorized her look with a pair of glasses. (#ELS25201) If you don't have long dark hair, you can wear a wig to recreate Alex's signature locks. We suggest trying the Angelina Wig. (#PM579400)

Here are the items we're using to create this costume look inspired by Pennsatucky:

To create the look of Pennsatucky before she received her dental overhaul, we used a product called Tooth Fx in Black. (#DD220) This non-toxic solution brushes easily on the teeth with the included brush. To apply the Tooth FX product, make sure your teeth are fairly dry. Brush on the solution until the teeth achieve the desired level of foulness. A second coat may be necessary. To remove this product, just brush your teeth as usual, and it comes right off. To complete our inmate's look, we have dressed her in the Convict Costume (#UR29436) and given her a Monk's Cross, (#BB81) to help her as she professes her overly pious religious convictions.

Here are the items we're using to create this costume look inspired by Piper Chapman:

A Piper-inspired prison look is very simple to recreate. The Convict Costume (#UR29436) and a blonde wig (#MR177276) should get your look off to a great start. We've also raided our local toolbox for a screwdriver to give her as a prop.

Here are the items we're using to create this costume look inspired by Red:

Red is a very fun costume look to recreate. We've used a very cool punk rocker chick wig (#MR177037) to replicate the look of Red's vibrant hair color. Next, we've applied a little bit of bright orange face paint into the eyebrows to match them more closely to the hair. (#DD525) Next, using LIP Cream in Apple Red, we've given our Red her signature bright red lips. (#DD103) Our Red is back on prison kitchen duty and thus we've dressed her in our Adult Chef Coat. (#BB475) We have accessorized the look with a pair of glasses (#88802) that we've tied around the neck, Red-style, using an old shoestring.

Feel free to get creative and use these tips to create some of the other inmates from this very popular show. As you can see, doing time just got a whole lot more fun!

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