Creating the Perfect Gamora Look

The wildly popular movie franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, shook the earth with its second exciting installment this past May. Let's face it, when it comes to characters we love, a captivating story filled with adventure and humor, all put together with a perfect soundtrack, this year Guardians of the Galaxy hit another home run. One of our favorite characters for costume dress up is Gamora. She's fierce; she's smart, and in her own green way, she's also very sexy. Follow our complete step-by-step instructions for creating a stunning Gamora look!

How to Create the Perfect Gamora Look


Follow These Steps

Step One:  Begin with a clean and dry face.  Using a damp sponge and Paradise Makeup in Light Green (#DD497) apply the green makeup to the entire face.  Make sure you also cover your ears if they show under your costume in addition to your neck and chest. 

Step Two:  Using a damp sponge and Paradise Makeup in Dark Green, (#DD492) contour the face using a light touch underneath the cheekbones.  Other areas to apply the contour shade include around the hairline, the sides of the nose, and along the curve of the chin. 

Step Three:  After you have covered your face to your satisfaction in the green face paints, then it's time to shadow the eyes.  Using Slate Grey EYE Cream (#DD125) and a small brush, apply the gray shadow on the upper eyelid to just underneath the eyebrows.  Next, using EYE Cream in Black (#DD107), apply this color to the crease are of the eyelids to contour the eyes and give them more depth and dimension.  Using a thin brush, draw a line underneath the lower eyelids with the black EYE Cream. 

Step Four:  Glue a dramatic pair of false eyelashes (#ALG11978) onto the upper lash line using eyelash glue.  Apply mascara if desired. 

Step Five:  Apply green lipstick (#DE66) to the lips.  Blot with a tissue to avoid smudging. 

Step Six:  Using Detailz Liner Pen in Silver (#DD513), paint on Gamora's silver scars.  Begin on one side of the face and when the desired pattern is complete, mirror the same design on the other side of the face.  Let dry.

Now it's time to get into your favorite Gamora costume.  For our stunning Gamora costume look, we have used the Gamora costume (#RU820000) that comes complete with a belt and wristlets.   We have then accessorized her fantastic look with the Witchcraft Wig (#MR177376) and a sleek pair of rugged boots. (#HA133) 

Gamora.  She's one of the deadliest women in the galaxy and now with a little bit of simple makeup, she and her fabulous look can be at your next Halloween party! 


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