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Shop for inspirational children's Halloween costumes, dress-up costumes as well as entertaining costumes just for kids. This Halloween let your child's imagination and creativity run wild with a costume from Halloween Express.

When I grow up . . . A child’s imagination is a precious thing and costumes are a wonderful way to encourage, inspire and applaud your child’s individual creativity. There are many reasons children love to play make believe/dress up; the top of the list is the annual partaking of the “holiday fit for a kid,” Halloween.

In the early 1900s, Halloween had become completely neighborhood friendly with parades and parties for the whole town.  American’s began to dress up in costumes and go door-to-door asking for food or money.  The popular costumes at that time were the Mummy, Dracula and the Jazz Inspired Flapper Girl.  By the 1950s the holiday began to focus on the young due to the baby boom of the time. Trick-or-treating was an inexpensive way for an entire family to share in the Halloween celebration.  Costumes were geared to a more wholesome look of Superman, Batman, Barbie and Ballerinas. 

Today children wear their Halloween costumes for months after the holiday is over.  The costume they choose for Halloween is usually one that makes up their favorite character in a movie or television show, a popular superhero or it can simply portray what their parents occupation is, such as; police officer, fireman, doctor or military personnel. All those things don’t just stop to exist for them once Halloween is over; so your child will want to wear that costume until it’s time for another one.  They don’t need a reason to wear a costume; to them it’s just fun!  Costume parties, school plays and birthdays are just a few other special occasions where kids will be more than happy to sport a costume! 

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