Angel Costumes

Children Angel Costumes

An adorable costume for your little Angel will reflect her cherubic nature for Halloween or any other occasion. Our selection of darling as well as angelic costumes will help you to find a truly entrancing as well as charming look that your child is going to love!

Children Angel Halloween Costumes! Historically, Angels have been thought to be the messengers or servants of God. They are the intermediaries between God and man and throughout history have had many different duties. Angels have been known to be guardians, counselors and choir members. There are those who say that Angels have given aid during a crisis or have been there to offer love and support when times have been tough. It seems unanimous throughout history that the Angel's primary purpose is to offer protection and guidance to humans while carrying out God's tasks here on earth. The earliest Angels did not reportedly have wings. As mythology and stories about angels evolved, the addition of wings and other heavenly accoutrements were added to their angelic personas. Because Angels were thought to be traveling constantly between heaven and earth, the addition of wings to aid in their travels was not surprising. In today's day and age, it is common to associate Angels with white clothing, wings, halos and sometimes harps. Because of their intimate relationship with God, Angels have always been thought to be ultimately pure, holy and innocent beings.