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Halloween costumes traditionally began as scary or frightening renditions of what appeared to be monsters or ghouls. Nowadays, anything goes when it comes to costumes and on Halloween night you will see everything from silly and funny costumes to those that could scare the feathers right off of a chicken. Styles and the popularity of various costumes will always come and go--but there will always be those old tried and true stand bys that will be forever considered to be classic. Classic Halloween costumes for boys include a wide variety of styles such as Batman, policemen, army men, Ninja's--plus the traditional favorites of Vampires, Pirates, Skeletons and Zombies. If you are looking for a costume that is not only fun to wear but celebrates the great classic traditions of this exciting holiday, peruse our fabulous collection of classic costumes for boys!

Boy's Halloween Costumes! You might not realize it, but Halloween is a holiday with very ancient beginnings. Although at its inception, kids weren't costuming up to trick or treat door to door, still many of these traditions that we enjoy today came from deep seeded customs that began thousands of years ago. The Ancient Celts held All Hallows Eve in deep regard, as this was a celebration of the end of the harvest season. Before the onset of winter, a festival was held on this special night. These very superstitious people believed that on this night of All Hallows Eve, the spirits of the newly deceased were able to roam the earth freely and if these spirits so desired, they could create chaos and mayhem. Many things were blamed on the supposed arrival of these spirits, from unexpected deaths and illnesses to disease amongst livestock. In order to avoid any potential problems, the Celts devised a way to fend off any potential troublesome or evil spirits. On All Hallows Eve, hollowed out gourds or turnips were carved with scary faces and lit as lanterns in order to ward off potentially evil minded spirits. Scary costumes and make up were also worn by these people during their celebrations as it was thought that if they looked frightening enough, any evil spirit would assume that these people were already dead as well and move along to cause trouble elsewhere. These rudimentary costume and dress up traditions began what has become one of the most enjoyed and celebrated holidays by both children and adults, evolving into our modern version and celebration of Halloween as we know it today.