Classic Girls Costumes

Girl's Costumes

From female superheroes, to swashbuckling pirates, our giant selection of classic girl costumes will give your child much to choose from for dressing up fun or for a really great Halloween costume.

Girl's Halloween Costumes, Fun Girls Costumes and Traditional Girls Costumes! What are little girls made of? The classic nursery rhyme claims that they are made of sugar, spice and all things nice. We're fairly sure this is true but with lots more added to it. Today's savvy little girls want their dress up fantasies to include every possibility imaginable. Some girls want to be feminine and pretty and only a princess or fairy costume will do. Other girls are excited about trying out a more traditional Halloween spooky look such as a witch or a vampiress. Still others want something that's just plain cute and adorable, like a kitty cat or a storybook heroine.