Clown Costumes

Children Clown Costumes

From the Court Jesters of Ancient days, to the modern familiar clowns of today's day in age, Clowns make a whimsical and fun costume choice. If your child wants to take their Halloween experience straight to the big top, a clown costume is the perfect choice. Cute clowns, traditional clowns, gruesome clowns and silly clowns - we have everything you need for a night of simply great clowning around!

Children Clown Halloween Costumes! When you think of clowns, you are likely to conjure up an image of a heavily made up character with a white face, unusually large as well as obnoxious facial features, brightly colored hair, a bulbous red nose, brightly colored as well as ostentatious clothing, huge footwear - and a very BIG personality. Today's traditional clowns do typically meet all of the above criteria and are most commonly associated with circuses and birthday parties. There are also clowns that bravely work in Rodeos, their purpose to distract the bull from a dismounted rider so he can make a swift and speedy exit. Clowns are a common part of our culture, their purpose primarily being to entertain and amuse. Historically, as far back to the 5th Dynasty in Ancient Egypt, clown-like figures were used for primarily the same purpose. Although those Ancient clowns likely didn't appear quite like they do in the present, their purpose was to amuse audiences through humor, which essentially is what clowns do today.