Diva Costumes

Children Diva Costumes

Pop music Divas are a popular choice for young girls for every day dressing up. These looks also make a unique and fun costume choice for Halloween. Your miniature glamour girl is going to find everything she needs to recreate her own perfectly Diva image. Hannah Montana, Sharpay (High School Musical) or various other "rock star" looks are all here for your perfect prima donna to choose from. Let her inner Starlet shine with one of these super glammed out costumes!

Children Diva Halloween Costumes! The term "Diva" formally was used to describe the leading female stars in opera productions. Over the past few decades, the term has evolved quite a bit, and now translates into many different forms of media. "Divas" are found in theatre, cinema and most vividly, in pop music. The term Diva comes from the Italian word diva, which translated literally means "a female deity." The basic theme of the word in today's terms is "goddess" - a Diva is often considered to be a goddess in today's world, whether by her own definition, or by that of the media.