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Food & Drink Costumes for Children

For a hilarious twist on Halloween treats, check out our selection of silly (yet oddly delectable) costumes based on your favorite snack foods. From hot dogs (along with the ketchup and mustard) to your favorite candy goodies, you are going to find all the yummiest munchies in a wearable form for your next Halloween party! Sometimes you just feel like a snack!

One of the most infamous traditions celebrated at Halloween time is Trick or Treating. On Halloween night, it is customary for children to dress up in costumes and go door to door declaring “Trick or Treat!” The treats are usually a type of candy or a confectionary item of some kind. On Halloween, getting candy and treats is a huge part of the Halloween fun. This Halloween, why not mix things up a little bit and dress up as your favorite Halloween treat or snack food item instead? Dressing up as a food or beverage is not only an unusual costume idea, but you will also have a lot of fun playing tricks with the treats this Halloween season. You might even make a few of your friends a little bit hungry!