Sailor Costumes


Children Sailor Costumes

Your child is going to be adorably patriotic in one of these nautical sailor costumes. We have everything from a whimsical Popeye costume to many more traditional sailor looks. Great for Halloween or any patriotic celebration or dress up, these sailor looks are an appropriate way to honor our enlisted seamen as well as to have a lot of fun while doing so.

Children Sailor Halloween Costumes! Although sailor looks have evolved somewhat throughout time, there is no denying how popular these ensembles have become. These nautical costume renditions are also patriotic, both because the look itself has been adapted from a uniform of an enlisted seaman, but also because of the bright and crisp red white and blue color scheme of which most nautical looks are made. Sailor looks are most recognizable by their large collars, which has become a typical part of the sailor uniform. There is an old legend that states that the act of touching a sailor’s collar will bring good luck to the person doing the touching. Sailors for practical reasons wore wide-legged or bell bottomed trousers. This style of pant was easy to roll up when it became necessary to swab or scrub the decks of the ship or if there was an inordinate amount of water floating around on board.