Skeleton Costumes

Children Skeleton Costumes

Make no bones about it, skeleton costumes and Halloween go hand in hand. (And perhaps a very bony hand at that!) For a frightening costume look that still wears a great big smile, there is nothing like a skeleton costume to combine the scary essence of Halloween night with lots of fun to grin about!

Children Skeleton Halloween Costumes! Here’s an idea for a costume look that takes very little guts to wear--a Skeleton Costume! Long considered one of the most traditional and classic of the Halloween costume characters, a skeleton costume look can be a little bit scary and still a whole lot of fun. If you’ve got a bone to pick with someone this Halloween, make it a whole bag o’ bones, and go for one of these fabulous Skeleton Costume looks. The best part of being a skeleton is that it’s okay to party alone--particularly when you have no “body” else to go with. (Ba-dum-ssshh.) Our Skeleton Costume collection has bony costumes for all sizes of potential skeletons from the littlest kiddos to you bigger boned grown-ups. It’s time to bone up on your Halloween “boo’s” even if your heart isn’t in it.