Star Wars - Kids

Children Star Wars Costumes

For an instantly recognizable and popular costume choice for any child, any of the Star Wars characters are going to be a great selection. Use the Force to fight for the Galactic Republic, or do a more evil bidding as one of the characters from the Dark Side. No matter which side of the galaxy your child wants to recreate for his costume rendition, the opportunity for very imaginative as well as adventuresome play exists. Channel the Force to the Dark Side, or train up your skills to be a seasoned Jedi—and as always, “May the Force be with you! “

Children Star Wars Halloween Costumes! In 1977, the Science Fiction world was set afire by the beginnings of an epic Space Opera that would go down in history as one of highest grossing movie series’ ever made. Two sequels followed the original “Star Wars” film, and then several years later, three prequels were released at intervals. The Star Wars story takes place in a galaxy far, far, away; an imaginary galaxy, that is filled with a vast and a bit eclectic array of numerous space creatures, robots and aliens. Star Wars tells a futuristic tale, but the story is classic in the sense that it places good against evil—with many of the proverbial temptations of power, authority and omnipotence thrown into the mix as well. In Star Wars, you will find heroes, dark forces, bizarre aliens and space creatures as a very cast of crazy characters. Toss in a really dynamic plot, and George Lucas has created a pop culture phenomenon.