The 40's and 50's

The 40's & 50's Costumes

Whether you decide upon a wartime 40's costume or a zoot suit from the 50's, one thing is for certain; your Halloween costume style is going to simply be the cat’s pajamas!

The 40's & 50's Halloween Costumes! The 1940’s were a decade most known in history for events surrounding WWII. Most of the headlines from this era surround war related events. As with any war there obviously was a great deal of national turmoil but many war-heroes were created during this time period as well. If you are looking to recreate a look that appears to be straight out of the 1940’s the best place to start is with some sort of military paraphernalia. From Navy admiral uniforms, to Air Force costumes, your 1940’s look will be undeniable in one of these spectacular costumes. If, however you are looking for a character that’s past is a bit more sordid, not all characters that came out of the 1940’s were heroic. Recreating the look of a lurid Mobster in his Zoot suit may be worth checking out, too. After WWII ended, numerous servicemen were returning home from the war to pick up their lives and start anew. Industry was rapidly growing and people were excited and happy to be able to buy things that were just not readily available during the war. The 1950’s also brought the invention of the television! No wonder the 50’s sometimes have been referred to as “Happy Days.” There are many fashion looks that are unique to this decade and recreating a 1950’s look has always been a costume favorite. From the infamous Poodle Skirts or Blue Suede Shoes to a full-blown Elvis Presley look, the 1950’s will always carry with it a whole lot of fun and fodder for any dress up occasion.