The 60's and 70's

The 60's & 70's Costumes

For a unique look that’s straight from the psychedelic rock n’ roll era, or the fabulous 1970’s, recreate a hippie or retro look costume for your next Halloween party and get a big blast from the past!

The 60's & 70's Halloween Costumes! The 1960’s were a decade that will always feel like eternal youth. As the babies conceived during the post war baby boom years became teenagers and young adults, these children had minds of their own. This generation wanted change and veered sharply away from the ultra conservative fabric of society during the 1950’s. Fashions during the 1960’s illustrated a freer way of thinking. Bright, vibrant colors were worn by both sexes, particularly women. Mini skirts and go-go boots were a hot fashion worn by girls and men were seen wearing sporty polyester suit looks with a turtleneck sweater underneath. Bell-bottom jeans were worn by everyone, in addition to love beads and embellished T-shirts. At the beginning of the 1970’s, the fashion looks featuring vibrant colors and bell-bottom pants were still important. Men were known to wear very loud printed shirts with long collars in various polyester based fabrics. Women enjoyed peasant blouses and jumpsuits were also an important trend of the decade. Both men and women were fond of ultra high platform shoes.