The 80's

80's Costumes for Children

If your child wants to bring back part of your youth, a good ol’ 1980’s look is likely to do it. We have looks to recreate Michael Jackson, Girl pop stars, as well as retro Rock Stars or even a cute Pac man ghost. Start practicing your favorite 80’s phrases such as “whatever”, “totally”, and “Like, Oh, my gosh!” and get ready for a true 80’s adventure! Of course, you shouldn’t forget “Where’s the beef?” Thankfully, that was left in the 1980’s.

80's Halloween Costumes for Children! The 1980’s were an interesting decade for fashion. Strong pop culture influences such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Miami Vice, created unique fashion trends. Madonna began the trend of wearing bras and corsets on the outside instead of the inside, along with mass quantities of skinny bracelets. Men were seen wearing pastel colors and Ray Ban sunglasses obviously influenced by the television show Miami Vice. Another popular, albeit strange fashion trend noted in the 1980’s was that of parachute pants. These baggy pants made of rip stop nylon were extremely baggy and were seen on many in the LA music scene, particularly amongst rappers. Big hairdo’s, perms, and lots of styling were the norm in the 1980’s. Plastic jewelry, earrings in particular were very popular and were worn in all colors of the rainbow. In fact, just about everything was worn in all colors of the rainbow, as in the 1980’s the use of very bright as well as electric color palettes was considered to be very trendy. Designer brand names became very important, and having the correct logo on your polo shirt was a big deal. A resurgence of the very preppy look also occurred during the 1980’s, exploring all the virtues of pink worn with bright Kelly green.