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Children TV & Movie Costumes

Our giant selection of boy-oriented TV & Movie costumes is a great way for your child to set his imagination free during dress up, or of course all of these make absolutely fantastic Halloween costumes, too. Dressing up teaches children life-skills that they will have for years to come. Of course, dressing up as their favorite TV or Movie character is really fun, too!

Children TV and Movies Halloween Costumes! Traditionally, aside from Halloween and other specified dress up events, boys have often been left out in the cold when it comes to imaginative dress up play. This type of play is sometimes is viewed as a “girls only” activity as parents stock up on plastic high heels as well as tiaras and feather boas. Given the right props, however, boys are just as likely and anxious to engage in pretend dress up play as girls are. Boy’s love recreating and pretending to be their favorite movie and TV heroes as well! Kids who play dress up are proven to be more skilled in judging how others might feel than those who don’t. This is a life skill that is important for both boys and girls. The key to making dress up fun for boys is in having the right paraphernalia available to them to make their activities fun as well as exciting. The perennial favorite dress up character for boys often is a superhero or action-oriented character. By dressing up and pretending to be one of these characters, even young boys can feel powerful which often in their child’s world they don’t. During pretend playtime like this, lots of physical activity can be exerted. Running, wrestling, jumping and leaping tall buildings in a single bound can require lots of energy which is great exercise for little kids. (Also a reason why some of these activities you may want to sanction as for “outdoors only.”