Vampire Costumes

Children Vampire Costumes

A Vampire is a time honored costume choice that is both rich in legend and fun to dress up as. Your child will have loads of fun recreating a Vampire look for Halloween. A more traditional Vampire akin to Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” is a popular choice as this characterization is the basis for most of today’s modern folklore in regards to Vampires. Modern vampires that have been popularized by today’s television and movies also make really great Halloween costumes as well. For a truly suave and charismatic monster choice, a Vampire look might be perfect to suck some life-blood back into your Halloween.

Children Vampire Halloween Costumes! Vampires are one of Halloween’s favorite personas. There are a lot of myths as well as legends surrounding the existence of Vampires. Ancient people were much more superstitious than people are today and when something unexplained occurred, sometimes it was explained away with some outlandish story or legend that evolved quite a bit over time. Every now and then sounds were heard from certain coffins and upon further investigation, it was discovered that there were scratch marks on the inside of the tomb. Today’s explanation seems to be that because the ancient people didn’t have the knowledge of modern medicine that we have today, the person in the coffin may have actually been mistakenly buried alive. This notion never occurred to those people of old and it was assumed because of the evidence seen, that inside the coffin must surely be a Vampire. Vampires were thought to be the living dead, or a person who had died but continues to live through feeding on the life-blood of those that are living. Ancient Vampires were considered to be quite foul and monstrous beings but the modern and present day Vampires have been glamorized to be quite a bit more charismatic and sexy.