Humorous Masks

Humorous masks

Humorous masks are a quick as well as easy way to create a costume look that is really clever as well as silly but isn't quite as scary as a traditional horror mask. If humor is the name of your game, try a funny mask on for size and bring a little levity into your next Halloween celebration.

Simpsons masks, Geezer masks, Napoleon Dynamite masks and Caveman masks! Do you want to be the life of your next Halloween party? Are you looking for a dramatic look but don't necessarily want to send all your friends running away screaming in fear? Perhaps a mask with more of a humorous or funny look is better suited for you. These masks cover a wide range of personalities so it is easy to pick your favorites for the perfect dress up look. We have animated character masks such as Fred Flintstone, Homer Simpson, Cartman and The Burger King. We also have slightly goofy renditions of political figures, which are likely to cause quite a stir wherever you go. Choose from presidential figures, governors, and various infamous candidates or maybe even some of your favorite late night talk show hosts. Still others in this mask selection are just plain weird, bizarre or hilarious.