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Roman & Medieval Masks


Roman & Medieval Masks

For looks from the historically authentic to the more imaginative and fanciful, take your costume look straight out of the history books and into your costume party with one of these fabulous historical masks!

Executioner masks, Jester masks, Viking helmet, King Tut masks and Trojan Warrior masks! Take a journey back through time, into another place in history! The days of Ancient Rome are an amazing historical time period filled with stories of great warriors, gladiators and captivating beauties. Recreating a character from this historical genre is likely to be an exciting adventure, but you are going to need a few good props, accessories and costume ideas. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get your Roman or Medieval look together is by wearing a great mask that is designed to be appropriate and representative of this exciting era. We have Medieval Jester's, Roman Gladiator Helmets as well as wizard masks. If you are looking for that perfect Venetian look that is popular for historical costumes as well as for Mardi Gras, we have quite a few masks made just for this purpose.