Clown Costumes

Clown Costumes for Men

Our huge Men's clown costume collection has everything you need to take your look straight out of the Big Top and into your Halloween party. Traditional clown looks, like our Spanky the Clown, Plaid Pickles and the Big Top Clown costume are just what you need when you want to bring your own version of the circus to town.

You know who you are. You are the guy who absolutely loves to clown around. Quick witted and always making everyone laugh, you are usually the life of every party. When it comes to a Halloween costume choice, perhaps there wasn't one, you just knew you had to be...a clown. Clowns are a traditional choice for Halloween and perfect for those that may prefer a little comic relief during their dress up experience, rather than something more intense and frightful--although if you are into the scary and gruesome clown getups, guess what? We have those too. A medieval Jester look is a more original take on a clown look that is a natural crowd pleaser as well. For the ultimate in freak out, you can use one of our slightly disturbing clown costumes, such as the Killer Clown look or the oversized Evil Clown. No matter how you choose to send in the clowns, make sure your clown look has every detail straight from a three ring circus with one of these fabulous as well as colorful Men's clown costumes!