Devil Costumes

Devil Costumes for Men

Our huge collection of Men's devil costumes covers a wide range of all things a bit naughty, red and horned. Our "Hugh Devil" makes a sassy tongue in cheek play at Mr. Hefner, while the more traditional devil garb can be found in the "Sinister Devil" Costume look. From "Hell's Reaper" to the "Handsome Devil", bringing your inner bad boy to the party is easy (and hot) with one of these fabulously detailed costumes. Light someone's fire this Halloween with one of these sinfully wicked devil looks.

Did the Devil make you do it? The symbolic image of the Devil has been around for a long time, but the red-horned being we associate with evil and the devil in today's world has evolved quite a bit throughout history. In Ancient Days, devils or demons were usually depicted wearing dark blue or black, these being the colors associated with darkness. At some point, the color red took over these dark shades as the color of the devil, likely because of its close association with fire, hotness and burning--all things that Christian religions associate with Hell. Perhaps red could also indicate danger, as it is symbolically a color associated with warning. In any case, when it comes to Halloween costumes, devil costumes are always a traditional favorite. Devil costumes are an easy way to make light of something that historically has been feared and represents to some, ultimate evil. Halloween folklore and tradition has centered on fear of devils, demons and evil spirits for centuries. In today's world, you can easily bring a little levity to this demonic character while also having some Halloween sized spooky fun.