Gangster Costumes

Gangster Costumes for Men

Our selection of gangster looks will help you easily get into the exact style of an infamous historical criminal, with a look that is slick enough to be worn by the big boss himself. Finding the right gangster costume is easy--getting the accent and the mob lingo part down--well, that my little goodfella, is going to be completely up to you. Go easily on the lam while being the "hit" of your Halloween party, too! Men's Gangster costumes should never be put on ice!

By definition a gangster is just a member of a gang. Usually associated with organized crime of some sort, the gangster is a pretty notorious character noted for his underhanded methodology and the clever (and sometimes very violent) way that he breaks the law. Mobsters, as gangsters are sometimes called, are typically associated with the era between the 1920's and the1930's, and commonly known as the prohibition Era. The stereotypical gangster is often outfitted with the Zoot Suit, tie, hat and of course, the necessary violin case. This ensemble is considered to be the most classic look emulating male mobster attire. The Zoot Suit, associated with some of the most infamous gangsters of all time, is easy to recreate with one of our fabulous costumes and of course, you will also need a few carefully chosen, coordinated accessories. For one of the most recognizable "tough guy" looks around, perfect for when lying low just simply isn't an option, consider getting into a little of the mob action scene yourself by wearing one of these gangster costumes.