Greaser & Hippie Costumes

Greaser & Hippie Costumes for Men

Recreating a Greaser or Hippie look is easy with our huge costume selection available in this category. The fifties will come alive with biker jackets, pompadour wigs and perhaps even our T-Bird Greaser costume. If a psychedelic rock hippie look is more the style you are looking for, we have several costumes that look as if you could have actually walked right out of the music festival Woodstock. Find your own kind of super groovy peace with one of these amazing Men's retro look costumes.

Some of the most colorful characters that we know of have come from the time periods of the fifties and the sixties. From popular television series to feature films, everyone can identify their favorite characters from each of these eras. Dressing up for Halloween can be extra hip and super grooooovy with one of these looks as well, so if you are looking for a retro costume look with some real rock n' roll appeal, these are some styles you will surely want to consider. The greaser style came from a popular subculture that came about during the 1950's. The term "greaser" likely stemmed from the hairstyle that was popular with the men of this group-- a slicked back signature pompadour style coif that was held in place by lots of Brill Cream or other greasy pomade. Greasers also were known to sport leather jackets, rolled up jeans, white or black t-shirts with the sleeves rolled up and sometimes, baggy twill trousers. The greaser prefers motorcycle boots or sometimes Converse All stars were popular. The stereotype also suggests that these guys loved hot rod cars, drag racing and often rockabilly music. Many popular movies and television shows have featured the quintessential greaser looks including Grease, Happy Days and American Graffiti. The hippie era came about during the1960's. The hippie was actually associated with a rapidly growing youth subculture that valued and put their priorities on peace, love and rock n' roll. These teens considered themselves to be very anti-establishment and thus avoided all social restrictions. They were avid war protesters, advocated free love, and some may have explored the use of psychedelic and other drugs. Hippie fashion is recognizable by its loose fitting styles that defy all gender differentiation. Tunics, tie-dyed bright colors, jeans, sandals and long hair tied held in place with headbands, were some of the styles commonly worn by both sexes equally.