Horror Movie Costumes

Horror Movie Costumes for Men

Our Men's horror movie costume collection will allow you to easily recreate the hideous looks of Jason, Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, Leatherface and of course, let's not forget the infamous Bogeyman. Don't miss out on one of the easiest ways to bring a little blood curdling fun to your Halloween by bringing to life one of your favorite horror movie characters. Be prepared to have a freakish good time with one of these grisly and mildly terrifying Halloween horror looks!

Blood. Guts. Gore. Plus lots of things that go jump in the night--these are the things that horror movies are made of. Watching horror movies is a long-standing tradition at Halloween time; celebrating all things scary is part of the fun that Halloween is all about. When it comes to costume ideas, Horror movies provide some of the most evil, creepy and frightful characters ever and make perfect sources to get costume ideas from. Dressing up as a classic horror film character is a great way to get into the super scary spirit of Halloween while at the same time, recreating a frightening character with a big reputation that is likely to really send shivers down everyone's spine! If you are looking for more of a generic horror movie monster, we have plenty of witches, zombies, grim reapers, devils, skeletons and many other assorted ghouls that will bring the ghastly spine chilling horror found on the silver screen screaming into your next Halloween party.